Tech help at your fingertips

Welcome to AskHelpie!

AskHelpie is an initiative started to assist people, especially senior citizens, to find the answers to all of your technology-related questions.

In today’s world, technology is ubiquitous and no one can escape from it. While most of the younger generation adapt to technology easily, there is a section of the community who did not grow up with personal gadgets, ecommerce and social media. Such folks often compromise their lifestyle because they are out of step with the rest, and they fear to ask too much and too often.

AskHelpie provides assistance to them in the form of short “How-To” videos for various everyday challenges. This allows them to self-serve their issues, and therefore become more self-reliant.

AskHelpie is also associated with Silver Talkies, an online magazine and social engagement platform for the age group of 55+. Silver Talkies’ aim is to empower silvers and to make active ageing a desirable and viable goal for seniors.

Here is a link to an article featuring AskHelpie.