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My name is Aarya Jaipuria. I am a high school student at Mallya Aditi International School, Bangalore, India.

The seeds for AskHelpie were sown a couple of summers ago, through an innocuous incident that got me thinking:

During one of my summer vacations with my grandparents, I realized the simple tasks that are so obvious to me, are a gigantic struggle for the elderly. They have smartphones, but can barely make and receive calls. They watched me using my smartphone to keep my contacts, socialize, shop and entertain myself. They were eager to learn, but even when I explained, they would tend to forget the next day.

That’s when I realized that to empower my grandparents, I need to serve them help through a reproducible medium.

Voila! The idea of “AskHelpie videos”, which they would have access to at anytime, was born!

As my grandparents started seeing value, they shared these videos with their contacts of a similar profile, and before I knew it, my “AskHelpie videos” grew viral. I started getting requests for new challenges that the community faced, and I served. This then prompted me to catalog all videos in an easy to find manner, and therefore serve better!

Thus, I created!


Team Member

Hi I’m Sithara Chari and I go to Mallya Aditi International School. My grandparents live in Chennai, and hence I haven’t really connected with them and other people outside my age group but I would really like to as senior citizens are a demographic that is very overlooked in our society and I want to connect with them more.